About the Co-Organizers

The Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF) is a global network of governments, businesses, and civil society organizations working together to support school meal programs that help children and communities thrive. GCNF provides training, technical assistance, and sharing opportunities to help governments build national school meal programs that are nutritious, locally-sourced, and ultimately independent from international aid.

Learn more at: www.gcnf.org

The WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger (WFP Centre) results from the joint engagement of Brazil and WFP to spur South-South cooperation and strengthen the global efforts to end hunger. The WFP Centre supports governments in Africa, Asia and Latin America to forge sustainable solutions of their own, via knowledge building, capacity development, and policy dialogue regarding food and nutrition security, social protection, and school meals. The WFP Centre currently supports some 30 countries in a long-term basis to help them create innovative approaches to address the multi-dimensional issues of poverty and hunger.

Learn more at: www.centreofexcellence.org.br

The Ministry of Education of Tunisia is responsible for guaranteeing the right to education and learning opportunities for all Tunisian girls and boys. The 2016 Education Sector Reform aims at enabling school children to access the highest forms of knowledge and skills to adequately respond to today society’s needs. It defines a set of strategic objectives, which give special attention to the prevention of drop-outs and the improvement of school life, encompassing school meals, lodging, school transport and extra-curricular activities.